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Luisy Banak’s viral video stirs controversy on social media 



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A video has been going viral on Mexican social media channels shocking a mother misbehaving with her kid. The mother has been identified as Maria Hernández while her son is Luisy Banak. The video is spreading like wildfire on various social media handles sparking debate on the well-being of children. 

Additionally, it is also upsetting many users raising questions about how children in Mexico can be protected. As per news reports, police have opened an investigation into the mother. Here we will be diving into the story and find out more about the viral clip. Keep on scrolling- 

Luisy Banak's video stirs controversy on social media 

Read to know more about Luisy Banak and her mother Maria Hernández

As mentioned above, the viral clip is trending all over the internet. Meanwhile, police are ensuring the child is protected and proper laws must be implemented for the safety and well-being of a child in the country. 

Talking about the video, it has started a nationwide debate on bringing reforms and laws to ensure children’s rights in society. In Mexico, it has become a hot topic in the media triggering debate on Twitter. 

Luisy Banak's video stirs controversy on social media 

Luisy Banak expression and tears say all that he couldn’t express through his words. The hashtag #SaveLuisy started trending on Twitter generating millions of retweets. According to local news, the mother who has now been identified is taken into police custody. 

She is a housewife and is 32 years old. Till now, no legal action has been taken against her. As for the Luisy Banak, he has been taken by local child protection agencies. Many social workers as well as psychologists are offering support to the child if needed. 

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The viral clip serves as a reminder that proper communication channels between kids and parents must be made so that emotional bonds can be made. 


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