Magento to Shopify Migration Checklist To Lookout

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Are you looking to migrate your e-commerce store from Magento to Shopify data migration without losing anything? If yes, this blog post will help you in migrating the same. Read to learn more!

The e-commerce sector is evolving at a rapid pace. With innovations coming in the way, businesses keep an eye to make it tech-savvy to the peak. With more and more users preferring online shopping, businesses too have revamped themselves to e-commerce stores. This is where the use of platforms like Shopify and Magento are taken into considerations. 

Such a platform right from increasing sales, advertising products works as a helping hand for businesses to relish the profits. Thereby, for any business to survive and thrive within the competitive, it needs highly functional platforms. And Shopify, in that case, is the best. It is next-level platforms that got everything covered that you need to run a successful business.

Since most businesses are with the Magento platform, they can easily migrate products from Magento to Shopify due to advanced features. If you are on the same road, here is complete information on migrating your existing platform to Shopify.  Before moving ahead, you should learn about many aspects to consider on your way towards successful eCommerce store migration.

Magento to Shopify Migration Is A Great Option

There is no doubt only if you want to migrate your eCommerce store from Magento to Shopify, that’s why you are here. If the case is the same, Let’s get to the dipper why it is a great option. 

With people going more fast and furious, businesses are looking for the same. And Magento, in that case, is the best. As merchants are getting less support from Magento, they are more convinced to Shopify. It is less time-consuming and expensive for a person to start an e-commerce business with a Shopify store. This is the reason many people prefer Magento to Shopify Data Migration.

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Why Shopify?

Give your business a good start with Shopify. Shopify, in that case, makes it accurate. Being a user-oriented platform, Shopify has come a long way in establishing its identity over e-commerce stores. Businesses can start their own online stores like a pro. It has all features built within it, helping businesses of every kind to get started with their online stores. If we talk about retailing and generating profits, the platform also covers the same. This is the reason Shopify is one of the top-notch solutions for businesses to start.  

Talking about the Shopify market scenario, then, it is powering over 600,000 businesses and continuing to provide its advantages to adapt to the situation. Also, by making around $82 billion in sales every year, the platform is leading the business industry. 

Reasons to Choose Shopify Platform To Get Started For Your Ecommerce 

Shopify has significantly transformed the aspect of businesses regarding selling products online. In less than 15 years of its launch, the platform is a great solution for emerging startups, merchants, existing business owners, and years of business to flourish themselves. 

Let’s explore the top reasons why to choose Shopify :

One-Stop E-Commerce Solution

Shopify is in one E-commerce platform that comes highlighted with facilitating, product usefulness, security, and deals channel mix into one stage. This total combination is the thing that restricts the expenses of organizations for building a web-based retail platform for your business.

Ease of Use

Shopify comes delineated with an easy-to-use, intuitive backend interface. It is integrated with a comprehensive next-level dashboard. With this, it let businesses customize the colours, images, and fonts with minimal to no design/development knowledge. This easiness within the Shopify platform is what makes it best amongst all the other e-commerce platforms. 

Ample Themes and Apps

The other thing that makes Shopify the best platform is the availability of the themes. The Shopify store brings out the next-level features and functionality to bring the things at the forefront. It has around 2,200 apps using which you can easily start, manage, and grow your business. 

Moreover, it also comprises different kinds of themes which you can use to design your store as per your needs. There are both free and paid themes available in Shopify to choose from. One can just select the desired themes and get started for their businesses. 

Security at Peak

Another reason to choose the Shopify platform to get started for an e-commerce store is the high security. A safe and secure business is the desire of all of us. And not all platforms that offer e-commerce solutions are safe. But if we talk about Shopify, then it is the most secure platform. It is certified with Level 1 PCI certification that covers your online store, shopping cart, and hosting.


Every business look for reliable services and platform that works best for them. Isn’t it? Well, if this is the case, then Shopify is best amongst all. It has a 99.8% uptime rate and unlimited bandwidth in order to handle the business workload traffic. Shopify is best to reduce downtime helping businesses to run smoothly and effectively. 

Seo Friendly

When you are migrating your Magento store to Shopify, no doubt the product URLs you have made over the store will be changed. In that case, the SEO done for the marketing of the business goes wrong. But with Shopify, you get a friendly solution. 

The migration to this platform will have little to no effect on the product search engine rankings. You will be having proper page redirects, minimizing on-page changes, and at the end updated the page. So, one can easily migrate the Magento to Shopify without taking the stress of business ranking on the search engines.  Get in touch with reputable company and migrate your store with budget friendly Shopify website development cost.

Magento To Shopify Migration Checklist To Follow During The Process of Migration

There are a number of steps that are followed during the Magento to Shopify product migration. Here is a Shopify Migration checklist of all the steps as follows:

  • Configure Basic Administrative Settings
  • Take Backup of Magento Store In Case If Anything Is Lost In Future
  • Install App To Import Data In Shopify 
  • Import Magento Store Data to Shopify 
  • Audit Imported Data
  • Organize Products As Per Your Needs
  • Redesign Your Website With Shopify Themes
  • Set Up Domain (Buy/Add)
  • Set Up Shipping Apps
  • Configure Taxes
  • Set Up a Payment Provider & Payment Processing Apps
  • Set-Up & Test Checkout Process
  • Set Up Informational Pages like Privacy Policy, About Us, Terms & Conditions)
  • Configure Third Party Sites, API, and Services Integration
  • Test SEO Settings: Domain, URL, and Metadata
  • Implement Social Media Content and Integration
  • Set Up Data and Reporting Business Rules

Ready to Migrate Your Magento Platform to Shopify?

Hope now you are well versed with the Magento to Shopify migration checklist. Migration is important, especially when your business feels the need for upgradation. And going with Shopify is the best as the platform is leading the E-commerce industries helping businesses to come at the forefront. Out of every two businesses, one business today is using Shopify. If you want to revamp your business to the Shopify platform, connect with Shopify web development company to get started. Stay tuned to learn more about how they do it. 

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