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Mahir Pandhi injures his hamstring on ‘Vanshaj’ set but vows to continue filming

Actor Mahir Pandhi, known for his role as Digvijay in ‘Vanshaj’, sustained an injury on set while shooting for a crucial scene. Despite pulling his hamstring, Mahir continued filming with the support of the production team and a modified scene.

During a high-stakes sequence where Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) tries to rescue Dadababu (Puneet Issar), Mahir was required to run swiftly but accidentally pulled his hamstring, resulting in significant pain. However, he persevered and adapted his performance to accommodate the injury.

Mahir shared, “The show must go on”, emphasizing the dedication of actors to their craft. With the production house and channel providing support and making adjustments to the shoot schedule, Mahir was able to complete his scenes without disrupting the production of ‘Vanshaj’ on Sony SAB.


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