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Make Money by Betting on Horses

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Make Money by Betting on Horses, Australia’s iconic sports event, the Melbourne Cup enjoyed more than 100,000 punters pack into Flemington Racecourse yesterday. More than 700 million people from all over the world are anticipated to watch the 154th running of the Melbourne Cup. It will be the more exhilarating moment when the anchor announces yesterday’s racing results, especially for those who have invested their money in it.

The sport of Kings

In all Australian states at the time of carnival, particularly during the Melbourne Spring, people tend to invest their money in horse racing. Due to the unpredictable nature of horse racing, there is no fixed rule to make money by betting on horses. It is considered as ‘The Sport of Kings’, but in multiple ways, punters can increase their overall profit and flee themselves from losses. There is no set policy to suggest about 100% guarantee profit, but we believe that it is the best way to get consistent profit from betting on a horse race.

To make money by betting on horses is completely dependent upon your horse’s selections. It is a key aspect to increase your expecting profit. Being a punter, you should know about the types of bets, and which type will be suitable for you and which will not. If you’re focused on getting lead from small margins over a long period then, it will be best suited to win. If you have extensive experience in horse betting, and you can hit with a good margin then quinella, trifecta, and first fours then it will be the best way to make money from horse betting.

Spring horse races in Melbourne

You do not get any betting opportunity better than the Melbourne Spring race, especially at Flemington. When favorite betting on every race is hazardous at its peak. In such types of races, you often get several chances to make money. So, you need to be focused on your selection of horses to find value in this auspicious horse race.

For casino games such as roulette, keno, and poker machines, the house percentage mathematically is fixed and planned. In horse betting, no fixed strategy can be used by the punter. In a horse race, the chance of winning is determined subjectively, from the side of the bookmaker.

Betting on the winning line at 1.4%, or red or black at 2.7%, might be a better option than bingo with a house fixed percentage of over 40%. On every $100 the “house” only pays out $60, keeping $40 for itself. If 20% of the amount a bookmaker takes on a race, the public is effectively evaluating the chances of a particular horse’s one in five. But the bookmaker fixes the horse’s winning price at $4.50. So, the house percentage is 10%.

Which horse should you bet the house on?

Unfortunately, it based on years of extensive experience and relay on the progress of the participating horses to have good prospects for betting. In any race success cannot be guaranteed, risk factor always involves in gambling and betting. So, you have to increase your chances of making money by betting on horses’ race by investing in small investment wisely. You can certainly get better opportunities than the random draw of the lottery.


To make money by betting horses you have to at least eliminate three-year-old races. Where you have a great deal to exposed form, and preferably are well-weighted environment. Try to avoid horses first-up at 1400m if it is possible. Most of the horse that wins a maiden race stepping up in class, and comes straight to the metro area line.

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