Maleesa Mooney Cause of Death, What Happened To The Pregnant LA Model? How Did She Die?

Maleesa Mooney was a renowned model hailing from Los Angeles. It is extremely saddening to announce that she breathed her last at the age of 31. She was beaten brutally inside her refrigerator bound and gagged. The signs of the use of cocaine were also spotted which led to a thorough investigation.

Maleesa Mooney Cause of Death, What Happened To The Pregnant LA Model? How Did She Die?

What Happened To Maleesa Mooney? Obituary

She was a 31-year-old model hailing from Los Angeles. She passed away tragically on September 12, 2023. Her body was discovered inside her apartment when she went missing. The body was discovered by her family members after several days of her going missing.

The autopsy reports unveiled some disturbing details regarding her demise. As per the reports, Maleesa was beaten brutally, bound, and gagged as well. Moreover, her body was discovered inside a refrigerator with her legs and arms tied behind her back with clothing items and electronic cords.

Moreover, the victim’s neck and face were also wrapped with clothing with a stuffed cloth found inside her mouth.

Maleesa Mooney Cause of Death, What Happened To The Pregnant LA Model? How Did She Die?

How Did Maleesa Mooney Die? Cause of Death

Her dead body was obtained from her apartment on September 12, 2023. As per the autopsy report, she was beaten, bound, and gagged brutally inside the refrigerator. Signs of her struggling violently before her death could be spotted as well.

As per the Toxicology test reports, traces of alcohol and cocaine could also be found in her system. Moreover, she was two months pregnant as well. The autopsy also indicated that Maleesa suffered various traumas which included contusions on her legs, arms, body, neck, and head, lacerations, and abrasions as well.

Who was Maleesa Mooney?

Maleesa Mooney was a renowned model who lived in downtown Los Angeles. She was only 31 years old when she breathed her last. Maleesa Mooney was the sister of a famous singer from Guyana, Jourdin Pauline.

At NestSeekers International, she was a real estate agent. She breathed her last tragically at the age of 31 at her apartment in a high-rise building in downtown Los Angeles.

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Was Maleesa Mooney Pregnant?

Jourdin Pauline, the victim, Maleesa Mooney’s sister stated that Mooney was two months pregnant. Furthermore, she added,” She was super excited and I know she wanted a kid, and it’s something that she has always talked about.”

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