Mark from Gastonia Passed Away at 54, ‘RIP Mark’ Trends On X

Mark Baker has currently invaded the media headlines as the news of his demise spreads all over the social media.

Mark Baker was famously known as “Mark From Gastonia.” He kicked the bucket at the age of 54. His family confirmed that the cause of Mark Baker’s demise was cancer. 

Mark Baker was struggling with cancer and finally succumbed to it. 

Mark Baker gained immense popularity and rose to prominence by creating an identity for himself as an iconic caller. He was quite popular on North Carolina-based WFNZ radio’s sports show, Charlotte. 

On the radio’s sports show, the 54-year-old deceased exuded his unique personality and flaunted his skills in front of listeners. 

Mark Baker had been a loyal and dedicated caller to the station’s Mac & Bone morning show for over two decades. Thus, gradually he became a crucial and integral part of the program.

Mark Baker’s Journey with Cancer 

Mark Baker’s journey struggling with cancer kickstarted when he was diagnosed for the first time in February 2023. The doctors found a large tumor. 

However, reports from the Charlotte Observer indicate that the 54-year-old has been embroiled in health issues since December 2022. However, it was Baker’s dedication and enthusiasm that led him to continue with the sports community. 

Tributes Flooding

Following Mark Baker’s death, tributes flooded all over the social media platforms, making “RIP Mark’ trending on X, formerly Twitter. These tributes were a testament to his legacy in North Carolina sports fandom.

One user wrote, “RIP Mark. For those wondering, it’s for MFG. Mark From Gastonia baby. MFG was the goat. Don’t ever forget! MFG Forever!! #RIPMark.”

Another wrote, “After decades of calling in to the radio station and a months-long outpouring of support from N.C. sports teams and sports legends, Baker died Sunday.”

A third user wrote, “Today is Tom’s birthday, I’m so blessed & grateful for another year with my husband. I’m also terribly sad. A staple in our community, MFG (Mark from Gastonia) & I bonded over Panthers football, Carolina Sports, beating the odds initially stacked against us as babies, & Nachos.”

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