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Mary Fong Lau, 78 YO Driver Arrested For Killing Three People in Deadly San Francisco Bus Stop Crash



Mary Fong Lau, 78 YO Driver Arrested For Killing Three People in Deadly San Francisco Bus Stop Crash

Mary Fong Lau, a 78-year-old driver has been apprehended for a crash that occurred at a San Francisco bus stop on a Saturday afternoon. The police said that the incident left an infant in critical condition and killed three people including a kid.

On Sunday, San Francisco’s Mary Fong Lau was booked into county jail for multiple felony charges. Court records show that charges against her include driving the wrong way, reckless driving, and vehicular manslaughter.

Mary Fong Lau Arrested

Police on Sunday added that a third person, a woman, who was the victim of the bus stop crash, passed away at the hospital. Two people died at the accident scene, the woman’s death is counted as the third fatality.


According to a police spokesperson, one of the injured who is hospitalized is an infant. Moreover, the infant is currently suffering from life-threatening injuries, reported CBS News.

On Saturday afternoon, four people were present at the Ulloa Street and Lenox Way bus stop. A fire department spokesman, Lt. Mariano Elias said that the people were standing outside the West Portal Branch Library. At 12:13 p.m., a bus shelter was severely struck by an eastbound car.

London Breed, the San Francisco Mayor on Saturday released a statement on social media that read,


“I’ve just visited the scene and it is heartbreaking.”

He added,

“We will share more information when we can, but now our focus is on the victims and their families.”

According to the San Francisco police, the investigation is going on. However, “they do not believe that traffic engineering was a factor in the collision.”

Saturday’s crash victims are the fifth, and sixth pedestrians to die from a crash in the city, in 2024. Walk San Francisco added that the death of Sunday brought the number of fatalities to seven.


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At 5 p.m. Monday, a vigil was also organized for the victims of the crash. NBC reported that, people came up to pay condolences, and tributes to the deceased by giving items like a baby stroller, shoes, and a growing memorial made up of flowers.


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