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6 Medical Services That Medicare Does Not Cover

it is best to have an idea of what Medicare does not cover, especially as a first-timer. Below are some of the medical services that Medicare does not cover that you should learn.




Did you know that there are some medical services that Medicare does not cover? Hence you will have to figure out a way of how you will pay for these health care services. For instance, most of the beneficiaries require hearing aids, dental work, and others, but Medicare does not have these as part of the services that it covers. So it is best to have an idea of what Medicare does not cover, especially as a first-timer. Below are some of the medical services that Medicare does not cover that you should learn. 

Care received outside the U.S

When you are outside in another country, Medicare will not cover any health care you receive while there. Although with some plans, it can pay depending on some factors involved, in most instances, it does not. Also, if you receive health care services on board a ship in U.S territorial waters, Medicare will cover this too. Hence it is best if you travel a lot, you choose Medicare Advantage Plans 2021 that will favor you and offer coverage as you are outside the U.S.

Hearing aids

As they age, most seniors have difficulty hearing well, more so in a noisy setting. Thus, with such a common health issue, Medicare will also not cover for the exam required or hearing aid that you will need for a hearing. Nonetheless, it can pay for a hearing and balance exam when your doctor sees it necessary. Although in such a case, co-insurance, copayment, and deductibles will apply. Plus, Medicare might also cover surgically implanted devices like a cochlear implant that provides a sense of sound. Therefore, knowing the extent to which Medicare covers hearing aids is important.


Long term care 

When you are at a nursing facility in a short-term stay, Medicare will pay if it follows a hospital stay of more than three days. The benefits that you will get are a semiprivate room, nursing, meals, and rehabilitative services, like physical therapy. However, although there is no cost-sharing for the first three weeks of care. If it gets to long-term care, that is, the nursing home stays that are past 100 days, Medicare will not pay out for these benefits. 

Routine eye examinations 

Medicare does not cover vision checks to prescribe glasses or contact lenses. Although, eye tests and exams are part of the Medicare Part B for people that have specific conditions. For instance, a yearly eye exam for retinotherapy for diabetics and macular degeneration that is age-related. Also, during the “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit in the first year, you have Medicare part B, they will do a vision test. Additionally, Medicare will not pay for the cost of contact lenses or glasses.

Personal care 

Sometimes you may have to hire help with getting out of bed, dressing, or bathing. These and other personal care services Medicare will not pay for as it is not part of the coverage. Also, when you have housekeeping services, meals delivered to your home, shopping, or any 24-hour assistance. All these are part of your personal services that you need at home that Medicare does not cover. However, if you qualify for Medicaid, you can receive help with the custodial care costs.