Aspiring Medical Student, Christopher Gilbert’s Left-Brain Dead, and Organs Failing After Being Pushed Into Water

On April 14, at Lake D’Arbonne in Farmerville, Louisiana, a disturbing incident occurred that shook the world. Christopher Gilbert, an aspiring medical student, was pushed into the lake by friends and acquaintances.

Acquaintances were aware of Christopher’s inability to swim. A video that surfaced on social media showed Christopher struggling in the water and experiencing a near-death scenario.

The New York Post reported that the group of people who forced Christopher into the water reportedly did nothing and stood idle while watching him struggle in the water.

Subsequently, one person entered the water after about ten minutes and pulled Gilbert out of the water, however he was transferred.

When Yolanda George, Gilbert’s mother, discovered her son’s ordeal, she was devastated. Yolanda revealed that her son wanted to become a doctor.

After the incident, Gilbert required life support equipment such as a ventilator and an ECMO machine for 72 hours. Yet he remained severely ill despite attempts to resuscitate him.

Outcomes of the Investigation 

In the initial investigation by law enforcement, it was found that the people involved in this incident tried to minimize the seriousness of this incident and called it “horseplay.”

Additionally, they informed the victim’s family that Gilbert fell into the lake by mistake. Later, a white lady admitted that she had pushed Gilbert forcefully into the lake.

Gilbert’s pals stated that Gilbert did not know how to swim. However, his family did not believe this statement.

Further investigations into this matter continue, anticipating that justice will be served to Gilbert. Moreover, more steps should also be taken to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Currently, Gilbert’s recuperation and the aid provided to him have garnered maximum attention. As per News18, the 26-year-old suffered brain damage to his left brain and is currently fighting for his life.

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