Missouri Teacher Megan Gaither Leaked Photos and Videos From OF Viral On Twitter, Reddit

Megan Gaither, a varsity cheerleading coach and English teacher from St. Clair High School in Missouri has turned out to be an OF content creator—an adult entertainment platform.

As the news came out to the public, she was suspended from school duties. It is also been believed that she might be fired from her job as well according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Here let’s dive into the story and find out what happened in Megan Gaither’s case. Let’s start- 

Megan Gaither OF Private Photos and Videos Leaked on Twitter, Reddit’; Goes Viral

Megan Gaither leaked Photos and Videos

Mwgan Gaither was just another regular 31-year-old woman who last May joined OF to support her family financially and pay off her debt. She has stated that all the earning from OF is used to pay her debts. Reportedly, her earning is around £36,000.

The minute news of her OF account broke, it went viral, causing curiosity among the public to check out her content. It has triggered a controversy in the media.

Image Credit: @megan.gaither92/Instagram

Missouri Teacher Megan Gaither Gets Suspended From School

The content of Megan Gaither’s videos is quite explicit and revealing which is why she has been suspended from her official duties. 

Missouri teacher was suspended from her job due to the OF account. Earlier, Brianna Coppage was also fired from her school duties after her OF account got out in the news. 

Missouri Teacher Megan Gaither Leaked Photos and Videos
Image Credit: @megan.gaither92/Instagram

According to Fox2news, In a statement to the eMissourian, Gaither stated-  “What we do in our free time should not concern the school.”

She further added that she earned £2,300 to £3,800 per month from her OF account before deactivating her page after her school learned about it. She kept her identity secret but someone found out who she was and revealed it to her school. 

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Megan Gaither Wiki Biodata

NameMegan Gaither
Age31 years
OccupationHigh School Teacher and Varsity Cheerleading Coach
InstitutionSt. Clair High School
Subjects TaughtAmerican and British Literature
Annual Income (Teaching)Approximately $47,000
Reason for SuspensionParticipation in an adult content video on OF
Co-ParticipantBrianna Coppage
Earnings from OFNot specified
Subscribers on OFAround 1,500 (account deactivated)
Community BacklashSignificant, including concerns about potential job termination and experiences of social exclusion


  1. Who is Megan Gaither?

    Megan Gaither is a 31-year-old high school teacher and varsity cheerleading coach at St. Clair High School in Missouri, who was found to be creating content for an adult entertainment platform to pay off her debts.

  2. Why was Megan Gaither suspended from her teaching duties?

    She was suspended from her duties after it was revealed that she had an account on OF, an adult entertainment platform, where she posted explicit content.

  3. What did Megan Gaither say about her activities outside of school?

    Megan Gaither stated that what she does in her free time should not concern the school, implying that her private life and work life should be kept separate.

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