Mercedes-Benz set to release three new EVs in India this year

Mercedes-Benz India is set to launch three new electric vehicles in the Indian market in 2024 as part of its strategy to expand its electric vehicle offerings. The company has confirmed that these EVs are among the 12 launches planned for the year, with three already introduced in the top-end vehicle category.

While specific details on the new electric models have not been disclosed, Mercedes-Benz has reiterated its commitment to leading the luxury electric vehicle segment. The current lineup includes popular models like EQE, EQS, and AMG EQS, showcasing the brand’s focus on innovation and sustainability.

With the increasing demand for electric vehicles in the market, Mercedes-Benz aims to strengthen its presence and cater to the evolving needs of Indian consumers. The move towards electric mobility aligns with the brand’s global vision for a sustainable and eco-friendly future, offering cutting-edge technology and luxurious experiences for customers.

Stay tuned for updates on the launch of the new electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz in India, as the brand continues to drive innovation and redefine the luxury automotive landscape.

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