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Mike Mohn Viral Video on Twitter, Reddit: Who is Justin Mohn? Beheaded His Father, Shared Video on YouTube

Shocking crime in Pennsylvania: Justin Mohn, 32, accused of beheading father. Disturbing details and arrest updates revealed.

Justin Mohn is a 32-year-old man from Pennsylvania, identified as the suspect and arrested on January 30, Tuesday. According to the allegations, he decapitated his father and posted about the killing in a YouTube clip, which was later removed but somehow found its way to social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

When the death was reported in Levittown, authorities responded instantly, going to the 100 block of Upper Orchard Drive. Upon opening the bathroom, they found a beheaded man lying there, identified as Mike Mohn, the father of the suspect, Justin Mohn. Justin was found in his deceased father’s car in Fort Indiana Gap and was arrested at the scene. Prosecutors have not yet disclosed all the details surrounding the case, but it was reported that the suspect posted brutal footage on his YouTube account, showing him lifting his murdered father’s severed head into a plastic bag.

All About Justin Mohn Accused of Beheading His Father

Justin Mohn describes himself as a musician and author on his active Facebook account. A native of Levittown, Pennsylvania, Justin graduated from Penn State. According to his Facebook post, his seventh science fiction novel, ”The Pink,” was self-published by him. He was also active on YouTube.

According to Philly Burbs, the 32-year-old Justin Mohn shared a 14-minute clip titled “Call to Arms for American Patriots” on YouTube on Tuesday evening. In the video, he held a decapitated head and claimed it belonged to his father, Mike Mohn, who was a federal employee for more than 20 years.

Justin regarded his father as a “traitor” going against the federal government, calling for the execution of all federal employees before they rally against “far-left woke mobs,” which, according to Justin, included members of the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ communities.

Furthermore, Justin’s call to action (CTA) specifically targeted federal employees. Subsequently, he uploaded the video and departed from the crime scene. Authorities apprehended him later, and Police Chief Bartorilla chose not to comment on the contents of the disturbing video shared.

Justin Mohn has not been charged as of writing this article.

Who was Mike Mohn? Federal Employee Who Got Killed By His Son

Mike Mohn was a 68-year-old man from Levittown, Pennsylvania. Reports from Heavy suggest that information about Michael or Mike Mohn could not be found in the federal employee database. However, Mike Mohn is listed in the business registration database of the state of Pennsylvania. The victim was the owner of two firms, Power Writers and M & D Cleaning Products, with the business address matching the address where the victim was found beheaded. Mike Mohn was married to Denice Mohn.

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