Missile attack destroys thermal power plant near Kiev

Kiev, April 12 (IANS) – The Trypilska thermal power plant (TPP) near the Ukrainian capital has been decimated in a Russian missile strike, according to reports citing an official. Andriy Hota, Chairman of the supervisory board at the plant, confirmed that a fire had erupted in the turbine room after the attack.

Hota stated, “All the workers who were on shift during the strike are alive,” and efforts to extinguish the fire were ongoing. Trypilska TPP, situated 45 km south of Kiev, is the largest power plant in the region with a capacity of 1,800 MW.

Russian forces launched 42 missiles, including six Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles and 40 combat drones on Thursday morning. The Ukrainian Air Force intercepted 18 missiles and 39 drones, preventing further damage.

The attack reportedly aimed at energy infrastructure facilities across five regions. The Ukrainian authorities are investigating the incident as tensions remain high between Russia and Ukraine.


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