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Mizoram CM reaffirms that ZPM will not form alliance with NDA or INDA bloc

Mizoram Chief Minister and ZPM President, Lalduhoma, has made it clear that his party will not form an alliance with either the BJP-led NDA or the Congress-led INDIA bloc. While addressing party workers, he emphasized that the ZPM’s priority is to protect the interests of Mizoram and its people, including their traditions and culture.

Lalduhoma stated that the ZPM is willing to support any government at the Centre that works for the benefit of Mizoram and its people. He assured that if a ZPM candidate is elected, they will maintain a neutral stance in Parliament and oppose any decisions that could harm the interests of the Mizo people, their culture, and religion.

Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha member and MNF candidate for the state’s lone Lok Sabha seat, Vanlalvena, highlighted his opposition to the legislations and policies of the BJP-led NDA government during his tenure. Despite being an ally of the NDA, he stressed the importance of maintaining a strategic relationship with the alliance for the welfare of Mizoram and its people.

Vanlalvena also mentioned the MNF government’s humanitarian response to Myanmar refugees seeking shelter in Mizoram after the military coup in February 2021. He explained that despite pressure from the Central government to push back the refugees, the state provided them with relief and shelter on humanitarian grounds, showcasing solidarity with those in need.

The ZPM and MNF’s stance on maintaining autonomy and safeguarding the interests of Mizoram and its people reflects the ongoing political dynamics in the region. Both parties are navigating the complexities of alliances at the national level while prioritizing the unique cultural and religious identity of the Mizo community.


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