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Mizoram’s ruling ZPM to uphold neutrality in Parliament, says CM Lalduhoma

ZPM to Maintain Neutral Stance in Parliament if Wins Mizoram’s Sole Lok Sabha Seat

Aizawl, April 2: Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) President and Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma announced that if ZPM wins the state’s only Lok Sabha seat, they will maintain a neutral stance in Parliament. Lalduhoma emphasized that the party’s priority is the welfare of the Mizo people and the interests of Mizoram, regardless of national political influences.

Lalduhoma, a former IPS officer, stated that ZPM will not align with any national political bloc and will focus on maintaining positive relations with the Central government. The party aims to protect Mizo culture and heritage, staying dedicated to serving the interests of Mizoram.

Having secured a majority in the 2023 Assembly elections, ZPM is the ruling party in Mizoram for the first time. Lalduhoma highlighted the importance of the role of a Member of Parliament in securing support and guidance from the Central government for the state’s development projects and welfare schemes.

ZPM nominee Richard Vanlalhmangaiha is presented as the ideal candidate by Lalduhoma, who urged voters to support him in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. The election will see Vanlalhmangaiha competing against five other candidates from different political parties, promising a competitive race for the sole Lok Sabha seat in Mizoram.


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