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Mona Y Geros’ Viral Video on Twitter, Telegram Sparks Major Controversy

The search for Mona y Geros’s viral Twitter video has gone viral on social networks as everyone is eager to see what happens in the clip that was broadcast.

Mona and Geros are a highly influential couple in Mexico, known for sharing their daily lives with great charm on their social media platforms.

However, it’s crucial to mention that behind their fame, there are also rumors of abuse that have tarnished the couple’s image.

Mona Y Geros Viral Video on Twitter and Telegram

The video that went viral featuring Mona and Geros was one they themselves shared on a digital platform, known as ‘blue platform’.

This video has become a source of significant income for them and has brought them more fame than ever before.

Since sharing the video, they have shown no interest in providing explanations or concerns about its spread.

Does Geros Mistreat Mona?

Following accusations against Geros of animal abuse, and claims that Mona covered it up, a series of critical comments were generated against the content creators.

They have also been accused of being aggressive, and it has been suggested that their relationship has become somewhat “toxic.”

Followers of Mona and Geros have published comments stating that he proposed to her in public so that she would feel social pressure and could not refuse.

In this context, users assert that what Geros wants is to secure his future, since Mona is the creator of her own brand and he is the one who benefits from it.

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