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Monitoring the Constituency: TMC candidate faces challenging competition in Basirhat against the dual forces of the Sandeshkhali movement.

The Trinamool Congress candidate from Basirhat Lok Sabha constituency is facing a tough challenge this time due to various factors, including the emergence of Rekha Patra as the BJP candidate from Sandeshkhali, where incidents of sexual harassment and violence against women have drawn national attention.

Rekha Patra, who rose to fame for her activism against sexual harassment, has received support from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is determined to fight against oppression and violence in the area. The Left Front candidate, Nirapada Sardar, has also taken a stand against land grabbing and other issues in Sandeshkhali, adding pressure on the ruling Trinamool Congress candidate, Haji Nurul Islam.

Islam, a former Lok Sabha member, is facing backlash for his alleged involvement in the 2010 Deganga riots, with the shadow of the past still haunting him. The entry of a candidate from the All India Secular Front further complicates the situation for the Trinamool Congress, as their stronghold on the minority vote bank is being challenged.

Basirhat’s economy revolves around farming and pisciculture, with the export of prawn and shrimps being a significant source of income. However, the area also faces challenges related to crime associated with pisciculture farms. With over 15 lakh voters, the constituency is crucial in the upcoming elections, where the focus has shifted to key issues affecting the region.


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