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Moscow Terror Attack: Over 145 Critically Injured, Death Toll On Rise, 4 Assailants Apprehended 



Moscow Terror Attack: Over 145 Critically Injured, Death Toll On Rise, 4 Assailants Apprehended 

A deadly terror attack took place at Crocus City Hall in Moscow. According to Russian media, a total of eleven people have been apprehended in this deadly attack. Russia witnessed its deadliest attack in the last 20 years. 

The attack by ISIS on Russia initially left around 145 people critically injured and over 60 people lost their lives. However, as of writing this article, over 100 people have lost their lives, as per Politico

According to TimesNow, approximately 11 suspects have been apprehended and taken into police custody. The apprehension of eleven people also included all four assailants as well. 


According to Local Newspaper data, Alexander Khinshtein, the Russian MP, stated that two of the suspects were found 235 miles southwest of Moscow and were arrested. 

Four Assailants Arrested In Moscow Terror Attack

Those two people got apprehended when police asked them to stop, but they didn’t stop the Renault car that they were driving. This incident occurred in the Bryansk region.

When police stopped the car, multiple shots were fired, as per the MP Alexander Khinshtein. 


Among the two arrests, one was taken into police custody on the spot. However, the other was chased to the woods and was arrested. 

Mint reported that the head of the FSB security service had informed Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, “about the detention of 11 people, including all four terrorists directly involved in carrying out the attack.”

According to Russian state news agencies, this official statement was issued by the Russian Parliament, Kremlin. 


Approximately 4 gunmen from ISIS threw bombs and opened fire after entering Moscow’s Crocus City Hall. 

Thus, this attack resulted in over 205 people killing, including children. 

According to, the government of the United States had warned Russia weeks before the attack about the possibility of a terror attack. 


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On March 7, an advisory was issued which stated that the United States had lead “regarding a planned terrorist attack in Moscow – potentially targeting large gatherings, to include concerts.”


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