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Mother and acquaintance in Ghaziabad arrested for sexually abusing her underage children

A woman and her male friend arrested in Ghaziabad for torturing and sexually assaulting her minor daughter, who was found roaming in Delhi. The girl, aged 10, was raped and revealed that her mother’s friend also abused her 13-year-old brother before he left home.

According to police officials, the victim’s father had passed away four years ago, and she had been living with her maternal grandparents along with her brother. Her mother had brought them to Ghaziabad last year, where the abuse took place. The mother, involved in prostitution, wanted to push her daughter into the trade in the future.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Loni), Bhaskar Sharma, confirmed that the girl identified her rapist as Raju from Delhi. Despite the girl going missing on January 20, her mother did not file a complaint. The victim shared that her mother and Raju would use threats and torture, including pliers, to silence her about the abuse. Both perpetrators have been arrested as an investigation continues.


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