Muharram Mubarak 2022: Urdu Images, Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, Banners, Messages, Dua to share on Social Media

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Muslims all over the world who participate in the celebration of Muharram mark the beginning of the Islamic New Year. The locals view it as a revered and significant celebration. For Muslims, it is one of the four holy periods of the year.

The date varies according to the lace of the moon. In several countries, the day might be earlier or later than it is in another country. In India Muharram, 2022 is celebrated on August 9, which is tentative as of yet.

Muharram, the first quarter of the Islamic calendar, is thought to be the second-most religious period after Ramadan in terms of traditions. Because it is regarded as sacred and has the name “Muharram,” which signifies “forbidden,” numerous Muslims use it as a time for meditation and introspection. Individuals from the community typically fast throughout the religious festival of Muharram.

Latyma, or the practice of pounding one’s breast, is common among Shia Muslim sects. Some members sometimes self-flagellate and shave their eyebrows. Sunni Muslims do not observe the ceremony but rather view Ashura as an opportunity to honor the Prophet Moses.

Hey, use these urdu Muharram Mubarak 2022 images, greetings, quotes, banners, wishes, and dua to greet your loved ones.

Urdu Images, Wishes, Greetings, Quotes, Banners, Messages, Dua to share on Social Media On Muharram Mubarak 2022

Muharram Wishes in Urdu

I take an opportunity to pray that this New Year will bring a lot of prosperity and peace to you and the world around you.

Muharram Urdu Quotes

On this first date of the Islamic Calendar, may Allah shower you, the family, and friends with blessings, happiness, and love. Have a Blessed Muharram.

Muharram Mubarak Messages

As we celebrate Muharram, don’t look back; start with your head up. May Allah give you all you want to achieve more in your life. Happy Muharram!

Muharram 2022

Allah is our strength; may he set a strong foundation in your life and family this coming season! Have a Blessed Muharram.

Muslims who observe Muharram abstain from participating in festive activities during this mournful season. On the Day of Ashura, it is usual to recite Ziarat Ashura, the literature that contains pleasantries to the Karbala martyrs.

Muslims observe the new year by going to the shrine, requesting blessings from Allah, and enjoying the celebration with their loved ones. When completing their fast, individuals also enjoy cooking anything delicious, such as sweet rice, to distribute to their families and social circles.

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