All You Need to Know About Muscle Growth

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If you wish a great muscle growth and healthy fit body, this article is definitely for you…

What Is A Muscle?

Muscle is a soft tissue found in animals. The muscle cells comprise of protein filaments of actin and myosin, creating a contraction changing both the length and the shape of the cell, helping the muscle perform the function to produce force and motion.

Muscles are of three types

Cardiac Muscle

Cardiac muscle cells are located in the walls of the heart, appear striated, and are under involuntary control.

Smooth Muscle

Smooth muscle fibers are located in walls of hollow visceral organs, except the heart, appear spindle-shaped, and are also under involuntary control.

Skeletal Muscle

Skeletal muscle fibers occur in muscles that are attached to the skeleton. They are striated in appearance and are under voluntary control. Functions of Muscles include helping the person to move, speak, and chew. They control heartbeat, breathing, and digestion. Interestingly, temperature regulation and vision, also rely on the muscular system. A strong muscle is considered to be a sign of good health and strength, which makes you feel confident about yourself.

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How Do Muscles Grow? The Mechanism

You need muscle growth to get into a great body posture. Which is why a regular workout is essential to grow your muscles. Which is why you need to understand how exercise training works to produce muscle growth. Let’s get a brief understanding of how muscle fibers increase in size, how a training workout stimulates the increase in muscle protein synthesis causing fiber hypertrophy.

Muscles increase with respect to their volume, hence in mass. They are made up of individual fibers, which is why your muscles show growth, either because of increase in the number of fibers, or increase in the volume of each muscle fiber. Former concept is called Hyperplasia, while the later one is called Fiber Hypertrophy. 

These processes result into an increase in the protein content of the overall muscle, ultimately known as Hypertrophy. Let’s dig into it deeper…

What is Hypertrophy?

Muscle hypertrophy is a term used for the growth in the size of muscle cells. Most commonly muscular hypertrophy occurs as a result of physical exercise including regular workouts.

Hypertrophy Process

When you start with your exercise, first there is an increase in the nerve impulses resulting into muscle contraction. This alone often results in muscle gains with a negligible change in muscle size.

With a continued heavy exercise, starts a complex interaction of nervous system responses that cause an increase in protein synthesis. Over months of consistent workout sessions, the muscle cells begin to grow larger and stronger.

Role of Amino Acids in Muscle Building

There are two essential components necessary for the growth of muscles—Stimulation and Repair.

Muscle Stimulation

Ideally, when you start working on your muscles, after exercising, initially you experience an increase in the action potential, that causes your muscle to contract. this will result into an increase in strength, but not in your muscle size.

As you continue with a consistent daily workout, a complex interaction within the responses, takes place into the nervous system, which further increases the protein production in a few months, resulting in your muscle cells growth. Resulting into hypertrophy, which is your ultimate goal.

The repetitive muscle contraction during the process, damages the muscle fibers, which need to be repaired on a timely manner, in order to avoid muscle atrophy or muscle loss. People ignoring these facts, experience issues like muscle atrophy.

Unlike Fat and Starch, your body does not store amino acids to use later. Hence amino acids supplements must be a part of your daily diet. 

Muscle Repair

Human muscle contains residues of amino acids, second largest component after water, in the form of proteins, making it the most important component of your muscle tissues to enrich their strength. When you consume protein, it breaks into amino acids, which then repairs and gain new muscle tissues.

Amino acids supplements are particularly effective in growing and repairing muscle tissue because they are the building blocks of protein and without these amino acids the body cannot energize the muscles.

Amino acids are made up of Amino and Carboxylic groups. Amino means containing an amine group, —NH2, present in amino acids, amides, and many amines, often used in combinations. Protein is made out of amino acids, each of that amino acid is made up of different Nitrogen (N) atoms, apart from other amino acid components like Carbon, Hydrogen & Oxygen.

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How Does It Work?

As a muscle builder, you generally have an athletic body, making you more nutrition conscious, and help you meet your nutritional needs as you consume more energy.

It is extremely important for you to maintain the correct balance of amino acids, 9 essential and 11 non-essential. You need to supply the primal matter, that is needed to enhance the muscle protein production, by regularly loading your muscle tissues with amino acids supplements.

When we measure the amount of nitrogen, we can estimate the amount of protein. Athletes need protein in their diet to build muscles.

Nitrogen balance is the traditional method of determining protein intake in your body. It does not mean equal amount of nitrogen levels, as implied by the term, but, moreover, it explains the condition where your body witness’s nitrogen intake in excess quantity than that of nitrogen loss. The nitrogen excess leads to a further protein pool in your body.

This encourages increase in your protein intake. This balance prompts your body to get into a muscle building state or anabolic state. If your body is not nourished with the adequate amount of nutrients, like proteins, amino acid supplements, balanced healthy diet, your body will start tearing down your muscle tissues in order to repair the tissue damaged during your workouts. As a result, you’ll suffer atrophy (a reduction in your overall muscle mass).

The goal is to achieve a positive nitrogen balance, which is possible when your body intakes adequate quantities of protein and supplements. Every person who wishes a perfect athletic muscle growth, should aim to achieve Positive Nitrogen Balance. You need to boost your nitrogen levels, to stay into an anabolic state.

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Facts You Need to Know for A Steady Muscle Growth

Muscle growth takes place when a person continually challenges the muscles to deal with higher levels of resistance or weight. You need to know important facts before you start off with the actual procedure.

  • Muscle is extremely metabolic, hence needs a lot of energy to make a change. Hence, you need calories to maintain that energy.
  • The right amount of protein intake will make your efforts work, as proteins help in muscle building and repair.
  • Consumption of a fair amount of carbohydrate calories will compel your body to prioritize carb calories first, protecting your protein stores so they can do their thing.
  • Eat as frequently as you can.
  • Eat at the right time to make it work.
  • Do not repeat the same routine. Keep your workout sessions in rotation
  • If you’re a woman, you won’t get too bulky.
  • Get adequate sleep.

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