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Music Labels Files Lawsuit Against AI Song Generators Udio and Suno for Copyright Infringement

Suno and Udio, the AI song generators, have been sued by some of the world’s largest record companies for copyright infringement.

According to allegations put forward by the record companies, the Artificial Intelligence startups have exploited the ‘recorded works of various artists.’

The Medium adds an open letter from April that includes over 200 artists urging tech platforms to stop devaluing music.

On Monday, the lawsuits were announced by the Recording Industry Association of America. It includes firms like Warner Records, Universal Music Group Recordings, Sony Music Entertainment, and more.

Case Against Suno and Udio AI

Suno AI received one of its cases in federal court in Boston, while there was another in New York. However, the second was one against the developer of Udio AI, Uncharted Labs.

The lawsuits demand compensation of $150,000 or £118,200 from Suno and Udio as they claim that AI generators steal music to ‘spit out’ similar work.

About Suno and Udio

Suno has a partnership with Microsoft. Moreover, its initial product launch was witnessed last year in which it charged a ‘monthly fee to subscribers.’

When Metro Boomin, the famous US producer, used Udio to create a viral parody of the diss tracks between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Udio’s popularity bloomed in the market.

Moreover, Udio launched its mobile application in April 2024.

About the Lawsuits

Mikey Shulman, the CEO of Suno AI, stated that it is ‘designed to generate completely new outputs, not to memorize and regurgitate pre-existing content, and doesn’t allow users to reference specific artists.’

Furthermore, the Chief Executive Officer added that his Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup tried a lot to properly explain their point of view and work with the labels.

However, despite opting for a good-faith discussion, the AI firm has opted for its old lawyer-led playbook.

Notably, Udio AI didn’t respond to requests for comment by the media houses.

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