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Mykolas Alekna shatters old world record in discus throw with 74.35m in Oklahoma

In a historic feat, Lithuania’s Mykolas Alekna broke the men’s world record in discus throw with an incredible 74.35m at the Oklahoma Throws Series meeting in Ramona, the United States. Alekna shattered the record set by Jurgen Schult in 1986 with a series of six impressive throws.

Competing in perfect conditions, Alekna started strong with a throw of 72.21m and followed it up with 70.32m. However, it was his third-round attempt at 72.89m that solidified his place as fourth all-time. Despite his early success, Alekna continued to impress with throws of 70.51m and the record-breaking 74.35m in his fifth attempt.

With this exceptional performance, Alekna joins his father, two-time Olympic champion Virgilijus Alekna, in the ranks of the best men’s discus throwers in history. The record-breaking throw came just a day after Cuba’s Yaime Perez set the longest women’s discus throw since 1989 at 73.09m in Ramona, showcasing exceptional talent in the sport.

Alekna’s remarkable achievement will now be ratified by World Athletics, marking a significant milestone in the world of discus throwing. His series of throws above 70m demonstrate his skill and dedication to the sport, making him a formidable force to watch in the upcoming Olympic year.

The incredible feat of breaking a world record that stood for 35 years highlights Mykolas Alekna’s talent and determination on the field. As the world prepares for the Tokyo Olympics, Alekna’s record-breaking performance sets the stage for an exciting competition in the discus throw event.


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