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WATCH VIDEO: N3on and Jack Doherty Gets Banned From Kick After A Physical Brawl During The BKFC 62

N3on and Jack Doherty kicked the ball this time and fell into some serious trouble, which also led them to be banned from Kick.

N3on and Jack are two streamers on the Kick streaming platform.

They are kind of known for being controversial and having over-the-top personalities in the past that they deal with daily.

N3on and Jack Doherty Gets Banned On Kick

Jack and N3on are almost always in the headlines because of their controversial opinions or even some comments they have had on social media or during their streams online. So recently, Jack and N3on got into a fight in front of people, and that went way too far.

The two streamers were at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and they got into a verbal argument. When the verbal argument created a bigger mess, N3on and Jack seemingly started to get physical against each other, and a visible fight broke out between the two.

They threw punches at each other, shoved them, and even pushed each other. People had to intervene in the situation to break it off and calm the mess they created. Jack and N3on were ironically there to attend the event, BKFC 62, which is essentially a bare-knuckle fighting championship, and they were not there to fight; however, those two started the fight anyway.

Jack and N3on were kicked out of the event after this happened. Even after they got kicked out, Jack tried to hit N3on from behind while sneaking up on him. Due to a physical altercation between the two streamers and a visible brawl that broke out, the live-streaming platform, Kick, has to ban both creators.

They have now been banned from producing any content on the media platform for a prolonged period. The clips of them getting into a fight and restarting again are all over social media; people are having quite fun checking out the whole drama online though.

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