Name A Star – A Memorable Gift For Your Loved Ones

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Our beloved ones have a special place in our hearts. They are the most closet person to us than anyone. Moreover, they are more important to us than anyone. However, most people are confused to present a gift to their loved ones. If you are in a similar situation, then don’t worry. You can name a star on the name of your near ones, which will be a memorable lifetime gift for them.

However, you should find a perfect star naming website like Star register on the Internet for naming a star, as most star naming websites on the Internet are fake. Therefore, you should be aware of such sites on the Internet.

Star register is a trusted and ethical star naming website on the Internet, offering star naming services to customers. Established in 1989, they have operated for the last 30 years and provide star naming services. They have name stars on behalf of several people as well as celebrities.

Whenever you buy a star from their site, the star register website will assign a file in the register, associating your name with the star. By using the patented technology, anyone can publicly search your name in the Star registry database.

Star Register has received a rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot, which assures that it is a reliable platform, offering genuine services. Apart from that, they have collabed with some big names in astronomy and science like NASA, Sky Map and Havard University. After buying a star from their platform, your name will be associated with the star and stored in the database. Moreover, all of their databases are publicly visible, and anyone can search for your name through their registry or application.

Most of the readers will wonder that there are many platforms over the Internet that offer similar services. Also, many of them offer services at a cheap rate. Many factors make the star register the most appropriate website for naming a star. Also, there are many advantages to naming a star from the star register. Some of the advantages are mentioned below-

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The Named Stars Are Visible

Name A Star – A Memorable Gift For Your Loved Ones

Star register has selected stars for naming, which are easily visible from the bright cities of India, without the use of any equipment. Also, every star to be named is associated with constellations or zodiac signs, for which they don’t charge anything extra.

Entry On Their Official Database

After naming or purchasing a star from the star register, your name will be stored in their official database. Only names associated with the stars will be stored in their database and publicly visible to all. Your name will be associated with the star forever, and anyone can search for your name on their database using their star registry or official application. Along with showing which star your name is associated with, it will show the coordinates, which will help to find your star easily.

Receive Gift Pack

Their offered digital packs come with luxurious personalized gifts, the most memorable gift for your loved ones. Along with purchasing the digital packs, you can opt for the “Print and Ship” option, which will deliver you a personalized, high-quality gift pack, consisting of a certificate ( gold embraced certificate) and a presentation folder along with the photo of your named star. Also, other necessary details related to the star-like coordinates will be mentioned on the certificate. Note that all gift items are made up of recycled materials sourced from the sustainable forests of the NA and Europe region.

Free Shipping

Star Register is committed to offering the best possible services to its users. That’s why it processes its user’s order within 1 hour or receiving. Star register delivers their customer product through their respective email-ID within 48 hours.

If you have opted for the physical customized gift items, you will receive them within 3 to 5 working days. They have collaborated with delivery leaders like FedEx and DHL to deliver their gift items around the world.

Non-Fungible Token Star

Being the oldest operating company in this field, Star register makes sure to use the latest technology to offer the best-ever services to their users at an affordable rate. That’s why they backed all the registered stars on Etherium Blockchain with the use of NFT (Non-Fungible Token), which assures that each gift has its own unique Non-Fungible Token. Star register doesn’t charge its customer anything extra for including the NFT address. Also, there are chances that the value of your star will grow in the near future.

Variety Of Plans

Star register has categorized its plans according to the requirements of its customers. They have categorized their plan into three types: Deluxe Star kit, SuperNova Star Kit, and Twin Star Kit. Their plan starts from $39 and goes up to $79. Each plan has its benefits, and you can purchase them from their website.


Star register is the most popular name in the Star naming service, operating and offering its services for 30 years. They have named stars for thousands of people all over the world, including some celebrities. When you buy the star from their website, your name will be assigned to one file, including a star and its coordinate. By using the innovative technology of the modern world, anyone can view and search your star in their database.

You can opt for a personalized certificate for yourself and your loved ones as a memory, along with offering a digital certificate. Star register makes use of sustainable resources for conserving our mother nature.

You can name a star on the name of your loved ones on many special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc. Apart from that, you can learn more about stars on their blogpost. They provide wholesome knowledge about what is a star, how to find a star, the types of stars etc. You can avail of their services using their website. Also, you can get in touch with their helpdesk through E-mail for any queries or assistance related to your order.

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