Narmada Jayanti 2023 Hindi Wishes, Wallpapers, Quotes, Images, Messages, and Greetings

The Hindu lunar calendar designates the month of Magha as Narmada Jayanti‘s yearly celebration month. On this date, the river Narmada is thought to have started in the Madhya Pradesh region at a site called Amarkantak. Goddess Narmada came into being on this specific day, and followers find calm and prosperity in their life by commemorating it. Also known as Narmada Jayanti, the day.

Indians celebrate the auspicious day in the hope of purging themselves of their sins and wrongdoings for the rest of their lives. And worshippers are granted a life of pleasure and wealth by enjoying a holy plunge on this specific day. In honor of this occasion, vibrant flowers are placed along the shores of the Narmada River.

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People who are devout bathe in the Narmada River’s holy water. They then sought Goddess Narmada’s graces to thrive and enjoy excellent health. Then they add flowers, turmeric, kumkum, and haldi to the river water. On the banks of the river, people then conduct Sandhya Aarti after lighting lamps.

Worshippers venerate the Narmada River on this fortunate day in an attempt to bring prosperity and peace into their life. Countless devotees flock to Amarkantak, the river’s source in Madhya Pradesh, for Narmada Jayanti. They wash in the sacred river while offering prayers to the deity. Chants of “Namami Narmada Devi” resound on this day.

While Shobhayatra is on Narmada Jayanti, a stunning image of Devi Narmada is displayed. Many worshippers attend the city’s many ghats around this period, chanting bhajans as well as hymns to the deity. In Madhya Pradesh, a grand aarti is conducted at night on the shores of the sacred river.

Celebrate this Narmada Jayanti 2023 using these best hindi quotes, messages, greetings, wishes, images, and wallpapers.

Best Hindi Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Wallpapers, Quotes, and Images for Narmada Jayanti

Narmada Jayanti

जो नर तुम में नित्य नहाता, रुद्र लोक मे पूजा जाता, जड़ी बूटियां तट पर राजें, मोहक दृश्य सदा हीं साजें। नर्मदा जयंती 2023 की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं

Narmada Jayanti 2023

नहिं जानूँ मैं तुम्हरी पूजा, और सहारा नहीं मम दूजा, हो प्रसन्न ऊपर मम माता, तुम ही मातु मोक्ष की दाता नर्मदा जयंती की शुभकामनाएं 2023

Narmada Jayanti Quotes

लगा के डुबकी तुझमें हम तन-मन को साफ करते हैं जिनके संग बुरा किया, उनसे माफी मांगते मेरे संग बुरा करने वालों को माफ करते हैं नर्मदा जयंती की शुभकामनाएं 2023

Narmada Jayanti Images

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