NASA released audio and video of rover landing on Mars, Scientists said – Goosebumps by Watching

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The US space agency NASA has got another big success. Actually the agency has released the first audio and Video recording of Mars. In addition, NASA has also released a video of the landing of the Percussion Rover on its red planet. This rover made a landing on Mars on Thursday. According to NASA, this sound was caused by the pressure on the dust and soil present there after the landing of its Perception Rover.

The scientist said – Seeing our hair stood up

Dave Gruhl, head of the Entry and Descent Camera Team, said, “My hair is standing up every time I see it.” “Perseverance” rover will look for signs of archaic micro-life and rock the red planet on Earth in a decade Will also try to bring authentic samples of.

NASA’s rover Perseverance landed on the surface of Mars in the early hours of Friday. It has landed in Jejoro Crater (Mahakhad). It is the largest and most advanced rover sent by NASA so far.

These videos and photos share our dreams: Scientist

Ann Chan, the head of the team formed to take off the rover on the surface of Mars, said that these videos and photos are part of our dreams. Earlier, NASA released the first picture of a rover landing on Mars. NASA put 25 cameras in the spacecraft for this task.

Hear NASA’s Audio here

In the NASA released video, the Perseverance Rover is seen landing on the surface with the help of a red and white parachute. This video is of 3 minutes 25 seconds. The video shows the rover landing on the surface amid a gust of dust. Earlier, less than 24 hours after landing on the surface of the red planet, NASA’s rover sent the first color picture.

Note: Use Earphones to hear

Know how was the voice

According to the camera and microphone section engineer of this mission, Dave Gruel, a very slow and slight sound can be heard in this 10-second clip, but by doing research on this one can get a lot of information.

Microphone stopped working after landing

It was informed by NASA that its microphone suddenly stopped working on Thursday when Perceivers was landing on Mars. But after some time the microphone started working and now its first clip has been released by NASA.

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