Natalie Reynolds Deserts A Woman After She Asks For Help While Drowning In Lake

Natalie Reynolds is a well-known social media influencer. She has made loads of videos, pictures, and even live streams for her followers to check out and enjoy watching the same. So, the recent video that received loads of attention online is the fact that she was in Texas and she was filming a video there.

Natalie Reynolds Deserts A Woman In Lake

Natalie saw a woman there and bet her that if the woman jumped into the lake, she would give her $20. The woman told Natalie that she could not swim, but she jumped in the lake because she wanted the money anyway.

Things took a turn for the worse when Natalie walked out of the scene as the woman was almost drowning and asking for help. Natalie did not even try to help her get out of the lake, and she walked away.

Later, the firefighters came in to rescue the woman from the lake to save her life. People are not very happy with Natalie and the move with the same. Followers and viewers online are claiming that Natalie takes videos and does it all for the viewers.

Her lack of basic etiquette to help a human out while she was seeking to get help was not appreciated by the viewer online. This video blew up, and some people are also suggesting that Natalie executed a way of a rage video to gain more and more engagement on her video.

Some comments also suggest that the video was pre-planned. The lady who jumped in the lake to get the money was a prop for her to film the video. For the time being, nothing has been confirmed yet. The authenticity of the video remains under a dark mysterious region until now.

One thing is for sure: not everyone is happy with Natalie’s video of deserting a woman while she was crying for help.

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