National Donut/Doughnut Day 2022 in the United States: Top Quotes, Images, Posters, Messages, Greetings, Slogans

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Is the thought of National doughnut Day increasing your sugar cravings? We wouldn’t be astonished if it was, given how much we all like these sweet treats. Outside of the most well-known doughnuts, there are twisted doughnuts, poppers, and the widely famous filled doughnut. Filled doughnuts are available in a wide range of flavours, along with the iconic Devil Dog, a chocolate-covered delicacy filled with a creamy filling. Glazed doughnuts packed with a variety of tasty fruits are also prevalent, with raspberry being a worldwide favourite.

Everyone’s face lights up when they see that scrumptious deep-fried goodie. National Donut Day honours this delectable treat, as well as its origins and the women who did anything unique with them during World War I. Keep reading to know more about this lovely tradition and this special and delectable day.

National Donut Day: A Brief History

Of course, National Donut Day doesn’t require a reason. We’re guessing that some folks wish this unique pleasure could be celebrated every day. This day, however, has a unique meaning that dates back to the tragedies of WWI.

When our warriors risked their lives every day, there wasn’t much to celebrate, but National Donut Day was born, thanks in part to the actions of a physician in the military during World War I who wanted to make the days of the injured warriors he cared for a little brighter. He bought 8 dozen donuts on his first day at the Military Base and handed one to every other soldier he assisted.

After presenting one to Lt . gen. Samuel Geary, who was amused and grateful for the doctor’s work, Sam decided to establish a campaign to allow Morgan Pett, the young officer, to continue providing doughnuts to his clients.

Top Quotes, Images, Posters, Messages, Greetings, Slogans

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