National Farmers Day USA 2021: When is National Farmers Day in the US, UK and Canada? History, Significance, Celebration and More

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In the development of every nation, farmers play an important role. Farmers grow all crops and livestock that are needed for us to survive. To honour the hard work of the farmers of the US, every year National Farmers Day is celebrated in the country on 12th October. Agriculture or Farming is of the oldest profession, about 105,000 years old. The average income of a common U.S farmer is $75,790/year and they contribute $1 trillion to the US economy.

Let us give you more deep information about National Farmers Day in the USA, When is National Farmers Day in the US, UK and Canada? History, Significance, Celebration and More.

When is National Farmers Day in the US, UK, India and Canada?

In the United States, the day is celebrated every year on 12 October.

In Canada, the day is celebrated as Canada’s Agriculture Day and celebrated every year on 23 February.

Talking about the UK, the Day is celebrated as British Farming Day and observed every year on 15 September.

In India, the day is celebrated on the Birth Anniversary of former Indian prime minister, Chaudhary Charan Singh, which is held every year on 23rd December.

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History and Significance

Talking about its origin, there is no exact information about the origin of this day. But it’s believed that this day is being celebrated since the 1800 Century. The day is celebrated to give a big hand to the farmers of the country, who work hard from day to night to grow crops, vegetables, fruits, essential items to feed the whole country as well as fulfil their basic requirements by growing Cotton, flax, jute, hemp, modal, banana and bamboo fibre.

6 Interesting Facts about Agriculture

  • China is the world’s biggest agriculture producing country.
  • 56/08% of total land of china is used for Agriculture.
  • 60.43 percent of total land of india is used for Agriculture.
  • In 2050, to feed whole world’s population, farmers have to grow 70% more food than today.
  • Banana is the world’s biggest producing fruit.
  • Approx. 60% of the farmers in the U.S are 55 years older.

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