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Navratri festivities, Durga Puja draw to end in Noida, Greater Noida

Noida and Greater Noida saw a great festive spirit last night as the Navratri festivities ended with Ravan Dahan on the tenth day. Dussehra marks the victory of good over evil. While Durga puja was also concluded with grand Bijoya Dashami and immersion of Maa Durga statue. 

Noida, Greater Noida: Navratri festivities, Durga Puja Ends

Noida and Greater Noida Navratri 2022

Residents in the area had a great time with the festivities and food stalls installed in their society after two years of long hault. As Covid restrictions didn’t allow any kind of public gathering. 

Yesterday morning began with the music of traditional Band Baja with pomp as the puja pandals saw devotees saying their last goodbye to Maa Durga, the artifacts or statues are immersed in a pond or lake created by the authorities. 

“The Noida authority created six pits in sectors 25, 62, 116-117,120,105 and 135 to facilitate idol immersion,” a statement from the authority said.

Organizers stated the area police effectively controlled the crowd, and all festivities and rituals were carried out without a hitch. “Being the first grand scale Durga Puja immersion in two years, the number of people who took part in the procession was huge. Approximately, one hundred thousand people turned up at the artificial pond in Sector 25 to immerse the idol. The police managed the crowd and the procession and immersion went smoothly,” said Anupam Banerjee, from Noida Kalibari Durga Puja in Sector 26.

“All women were dressed in a traditional white sari with a red border at the pandal and offered vermillion and sweets to Goddess Durga with a silent wish for her safe journey. The idol is then placed in a truck to the sounds of ‘dhak (drumming)’ and ‘ulluu (a glottal sound made by the women present). As is the custom, the truck traverses through the societies of sectors 25 and 21 before proceeding towards the artificial pond in Sector 25 for immersion,” said Jaya De, one of the organizers.

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