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NEET UG 2024 Controversy Explodes: Perfect Scores Questioned, Alleged Paper Leak, and Supreme Court Steps In

NEET UG 2024 has shocked everyone.

Many students, candidates and aspirants have also been affected by the latest results and marking pattern of NEET. This year a total of 67 applicants scored 720/720 AIR 1 with a score of 99.997129 percentile. 

However, NTA is currently under the scrutiny of people who raised questions about the evaluation process, general conduct of the exam and the possible paper leak scenario. 

Many individuals and aspirants took to social media and questioned how some students could score 718 or 719 marks considering the scoring pattern of NEET. 

As per the scoring pattern, one can either achieve 720 or 716 marks.

Thus, receiving 718 and 719 does not appear viable mathematically. The cut-off of this year, 720-164, is quite higher than last year, 720-137. 

Numerous social media users and participants also raised concerns on the internet regarding the 8 toppers with 720/720 with everyone’s roll numbers starting with the sequence “2307010” belonging to the same exam center.

Thus, netizens speculated that there was a high possibility of leak or cheating at the exam centers.

Demand for a Fresh NEET-UG 2024

Numerous candidates have also reached the Supreme Court and have raised concerns about the sanctity of the test and the issue of paper leaks.

A plea was signed by Shivangi Mishra and others which demanded the conduct of a fresh examination. ABP Live has reported that, “NTA has also been made a party in the plea before the Supreme Court.”

The plea involves allegations that the NEET UG 2024 was the prey of malpractices along with numerous instances of paper leaks, reported Medical Dialogues.

The alleged paper leak of NEET UG 2024 has violated the Right to Equality (Article 14) under the constitution. Petitioners demanded that there should be a fair examination for everyone fairly. 

Furthermore, the lawyer Usha Nandini V filed the plea on June 1. 

People Arrested in NEET Paper Leak Scam

A paper leak scam was unveiled in Bihar. In this context, around 13 people were arrested, which included four examinees and the members of their family. 

As per the Patna police sources, the question paper along with the answers were leaked to around 20 participants. This occurred a day before the date of the exam. 

Bihar Police’s Economic Offences Unit, after an investigation, revealed that the people took Rs 30 lakh to Rs 50 lakh from each medical aspirant who leaked the question paper. 

The Supreme court has currently refused to grant a stay on the exam results. It has agreed to issue a notice soon. 

A Neet Aspirant Died of Suicide 

Amid these controversies and speculations, a NEET aspirant attempted suicide. Ajit Meena jumped in front of a train in Dausa. This occurred on June 4, Tuesday evening, soon after the results were declared. 

As per IndiaTV, Ajit’s parents had raised a complaint. Police informed them a few hours later that the teenager’s body had been found on the railway tracks. 

Ajit, the deceased, appeared for NEET UG 2024. It was his third attempt. However, he failed, thus attempting suicide.

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