Neeta Lulla’s 40 Year Journey in the Fashion Industry: A Challenging Path to Success

Neeta Lulla, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, recently celebrated 40 years of success. From designing for over 300 films to creating iconic wedding dresses, Lulla has shared her struggles and triumphs in a recent interview with IANS.

Lulla reflected on her journey, mentioning the challenges she faced in balancing her roles as a fashion and costume designer, a housewife, and a mother. She emphasized the importance of time management and organizational skills in her career, which has spanned four decades.

Despite the hurdles, Lulla credits her early advantage of having her workplace close to home for aiding in managing her professional and personal responsibilities. She also highlighted the inclusivity in the industry for female designers, noting that women have long contributed to the creative aspects of costume and fashion design.

With accolades like the National Film Award for Best Costume Design under her belt, Lulla has styled some of Bollywood’s biggest stars, showcasing her talent and creativity. She emphasized the evolution of the industry, where male and female designers now work across genders, breaking traditional norms.

Looking ahead, Lulla remains focused on her upcoming projects, including five films and a musical. Describing her journey as fulfilling, she expressed gratitude for the opportunities to grow as a person and a creative professional, expressing enthusiasm for the future endeavors in both the fashion and film industries.


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