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New Noida to Faridabad in 18 minutes via a 31-km-long expressway

With the latest development, Noida will be linked to Faridabad through the greenfield expressway. With the help of new connectivity, the distance between Chola, Noida International Airport and Faridabad Industrial City will be reduced. Commuters from both cities will have major relief from traffic. The 31-km expressway will join Delhi-Howrah Railway Line, Faridabad and Noida International Airport altogether. 

Noida latest updates

Recently, the Yamuna Authority comprised around 55 villages of Bulandshahr and make them Chola Industrial Area with Noida International Airport. All the small areas, as well as big sections of the city, will be a part of one unit. Because of the latest Greenfield Expressway, the distance between the two cities will be reduced thus better connectivity in the Chola area. The company that is overlooking the construction has been asked to complete the upcoming expressway by 2024. As of now, the land acquisition process has been completed. 

Talking about the expressway, it will be stretched to 31 km long. The residents of Yamuna City will be able to travel to Faridabad in just 18 minutes with the help of the Greenfield Expressway. The road will be a 6-lane road and later based on the outcome will be turned into an 8-lane road. The company behind the construction, Apco Infratech Private Limited has received a budget worth Rs 1660.50 crore for the project. The upcoming expressway will begin from  Ballabgarh and then connect to Delhi-Mumbai Expressway’s Link Road also including Noida Airport. The expressway will pass through Shahpura, Sotai, Chandawali, Mohna, Hirapur,  Chhaysa, Jhuppa and Baghpurkalan. 

The city of Noida is the new hub of infrastructure and real-estate business. It is now attracting developers from the South of India. Additionally, with investment opportunities, many MNCs are now opting for Noida to expand their business. 

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