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New President Stubb inaugurated in Finland




Finland's new president Stubb takes office

Alexander Stubb, 55, has been sworn in as the 13th President of Finland, succeeding Sauli Niinisto. Stubb, who won the presidential election in February, has previously held the positions of Finnish Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

During his inaugural address in the Finnish Parliament, Stubb called for unity and solidarity among Finns, emphasizing the importance of cherishing the traditions of trust, justice, and communal support. He also urged the nation to embrace change and technological advancements with empathy and adaptability.

Stubb expressed his dedication to promoting an open, safe, and international Finland and ensuring its continued success. As the new President, he aims to foster a sense of community and progress in the country while upholding its values and principles.


Stubb’s inauguration marks a new chapter in Finnish politics, with high hopes for his leadership and vision for the future. The President’s focus on unity, tradition, and innovation sets the tone for his term in office, as he navigates the challenges and opportunities facing Finland on the global stage.

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