New TikTok Term, ‘Gender Season’ Is All Over Social Media, Here’s What It Means

‘Gender season’ is something that has currently sparked some debate on social media, and people don’t seem to be too happy after learning about it. So, gender season is basically how people can feel during a season and what gender they associate themselves with.

‘Gender Season’ Sexuality Type Meaning

It might sound a little confusing, but it’s as easy and simple as we have described it to be.

Dee Whitney is a TikToker and she has shared the meaning of the new term, which is gaining attention on social media currently.

She says that a season can affect how a person feels about their gender. Whitney says that during summer when she has her hair up, she feels more like a man.

But during winter, when her hair is down, she wears dresses and skirts, she feels feminine and that makes her feel like a girl.

Gender season is not something that can shift, according to Dee, it’s how the season influences your mood and the gender you identify yourself with.

This has raised controversies online.

People are disagreeing and they feel this whole gender-neutral and gender identity debate has gone too far.

Gender and sexuality should be based on opinions and how a person identifies; there are obvious chances when anyone else cannot pass any comment on how someone should identify themselves because of their opinion.

LGBTQ+ rights have gained a lot of support these days.

People are gaining their rights and they can live their lives the way they want.

However, there are memes on social media against the new gender season and people are not happy with what’s been going on.

There are different genders, and currently, ‘Gender Season’ is also on the list.

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