Next week, Bulgaria will host the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup.

The second leg of the FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup series is set to take place from April 12-14 at the Arena Sofia Hall, where 55 individual gymnasts from 42 countries and regions, as well as 13 groups, will compete. The event will kick off on April 12, as confirmed by the Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation (BRGF).

BRGF vice president Neviana Vladinova expressed her excitement, stating, “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to gather in Sofia the world elite of rhythmic gymnastics, as this is an Olympic year.” She mentioned that the competition will include top gymnasts like world champion Darja Varfolomeev, with China being the only country not participating in the group event.

Vladinova emphasized that the event will be filled with intense competition, as all countries are bringing their best gymnasts to Sofia. The first leg of the 2024 World Cup series took place in Greece in March, with upcoming legs scheduled in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, Tashkent in Uzbekistan, and Italy’s Milan.

The anticipation for the FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup series continues to build as the prestigious event approaches, attracting top talent from around the world. Stay tuned for exciting performances and fierce competition as the gymnasts showcase their skills in Sofia.


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