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Nicole Kidman Shares the Reason Behind Burst of Laughter at Seeing Her Father’s Body in a Coffin

Actress Nicole Kidman revealed a shocking experience of laughter at her father’s funeral, as her body and mind went into a state of shock when she saw him lying in his casket. The actress shared that the grim sight led to her bursting into a fit of laughter, which she attributes to her grief and devastation.

Nicole’s father, psychologist Antony Kidman, passed away in 2014 at the age of 75 after a fall during a visit to her sister in Singapore. Recalling the moment, she said, “I literally started laughing because I was so grief-stricken and so devastated. My body and my psyche just couldn’t handle it.” This unexpected reaction has stayed with her over the years, manifesting in laughter at inappropriate times.

The actress admitted to experiencing similar moments of laughter during other difficult times in her life, explaining, “Even at other times in my life, I’ve laughed at inappropriate times because I have this weird short-circuiting. It’s like you need this moment to keep you alive, in a way, otherwise you’ll die. It’s too much pain.” Nicole’s vulnerability and honesty shed light on the complexities of grief and coping mechanisms.

Drawing from her own personal experience, Nicole used the memory of her father’s funeral to inform a scene in the series ‘Expats,’ where her character Margaret struggles to control her laughter while visiting a morgue with her husband to identify a body that resembles their missing son. The actress channeled her real emotions into her portrayal, highlighting the fragile balance between humor and sorrow in times of immense loss.

Nicole Kidman’s candid reflections on her father’s funeral shed light on the unpredictable ways in which individuals cope with grief and trauma. Her willingness to share such personal moments serves as a reminder of the universality of human emotions, even in the midst of profound sadness.


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