Nidal Wonder’s Deadly Scooter Accident: All You Need To Know

Nidal Wonder, a young YouTuber, recently met with a deadly scooter accident, as reported by VNinvestment. The YouTube community is concerned about the accident and has extended prayers and supportive messages.

Who is Nidal Wonder?

Nidal Wonder’s family revealed about his condition on Instagram that the teenager is currently in the middle of his journey to recovery. Moreover, he was being sedated for four days and then woke up.

Nidal Wonder is a 13-year-old Youtuber having a channel with his name amassing more than two million subscribers. Moreover, he is an athlete and flipper as well.

The teenager uploads videos on YouTube often. He features adventures with his family and friends in his YouTube community.

Nidal Wonder’s Accident News Update

Maddie Mai, a Facebook user was one of the many who took to the social media platform and posted Nidal Wonder’s images in an ICU in a critical condition.

The 13-year-old teenager has suffered from a broken leg, collarbone, and a fractured neck.

The young YouTuber members of the family are also vloggers.

Recently, they updated on Instagram and wrote,

“We are all exhausted now, but we will be able to tell you the full story as the healing process continues. We know a lot of you have a lot of questions and we can answer at an appropriate time. The good news is that Nidal is off the breathing tubes as soon as he wakes up (after being sedated for about 4 days). He was cracking jokes and being funny. He has a long recovery road but the good news is that he’s awake and the healing is kickstarted.”

Details About Nidal Wonder’s Family

Nidal Wonder’s real name is Nidal Ajib, who was born in Clovis, California. Name of his siblings are Jehan, Neshan, and Jamel.

In 2011, Nidal created his own YouTube channel. Previously he was a part of the ‘Juju & Nidal’ YouTube channel. On his official Instagram account, he has around 700K followers.

Nidal is multi-talented. He has also released songs like, Shipping Us (The Truth About Their Relationship), The Truth About My Feelings (This Is It) and They All Ship Nalish.

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