Nikki Tamboli Flaunts Her Bo*ld Cleavage in Pink Shirt and Tattered Pants

We adore how hot pink bears greater significance than the hue of infatuation while being equally competitive with black in the contest of elegance. The strong watchword of our celebrities has always been the lengthy and never-ending struggle to outshine brighter than others, and their endeavors to innovate with unique appearances are merely admirable.

Fashion icon Nikki Tamboli has always been one step forward when it comes to amazing outfit selections! Nikki hasn’t been afraid to try new things, and her aesthetic catalogs are the ones to keep a gaze out for. These range from embroidered ethnocultural clothing to striking bold modern apparel. Lately, Nikki posted some incredible pictures to her social media page, and our mouths sunk at her choice of clothing.

Because of her participation in the contentious television show “Bigg Boss 14” and the subsequent stunt-based reality series “Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 11”, Nikki Tamboli is slowly making her mark in the fashion and entertainment business. The performer, who has worked in Hindi TV as well as the Telugu and Tamil cinema businesses, has throughout the years given us a few outstanding fashionable ensembles, but her most recent one has fallen flat.

Nikki Tamboli Totally Killing Us In Bo*ld Pink Shirt and Tattered Pants

Nikki Tamboli was recently photographed with a pink shirt and tattered pants appearing too hot to bear. Why did it feel so hot? To be specific, Ms. Tamboli’s totally too sexy blouse had spaghetti noodle straps and a broad, sheer top that dropped towards her belly button.


Her assets were visible to admirers thanks to her wide neck, and her cleavage was on prominent display for everyone to see.

Netizens Trolled Her For The Outfit

Netizens mocked Nikki Tamboli in the video’s commentary area because they thought her outfit was inappropriate, she was displaying too much cleavage, and she was posing awkwardly.

One user responded to the question, “One word for this beauty? Silicon body botox and plastic surgery ki dukan. One word will not do to express all. “Itna mackup to rakhi sawant bhi mahi lagati,” said another. Surgery ki dukan was all that was written by a third.

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