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Nine suspects arrested in Istanbul nightclub fire incident




Nine suspects detained in Istanbul nightclub fire

At least nine suspects have been arrested in connection with the fire that killed 29 people at a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey. The fire occurred during renovation activities at a nightclub in the Gayrettepe neighborhood of the Besiktas district on Tuesday.

The Istanbul governor’s office confirmed the arrest of the nightclub’s managers and individuals responsible for renovation works. The incident resulted in several casualties due to intense flames and smoke, with preliminary findings pointing to the ignition of fiber materials during welding.

Experts highlighted the lack of necessary precautions during the renovation, emphasizing the failure to implement proper fire safety measures. The absence of multiple exits and the presence of flammable materials exacerbated the tragedy, leading to an increased number of fatalities.


The Besiktas district municipality revealed that no permission had been provided for the renovation process, indicating a lack of oversight. Istanbul’s mayor, Ekrem Imamoglu, visited the scene to assess the damage and ensure the safety of neighboring buildings.

Fire safety experts underscored the importance of following safety protocols during renovation works to prevent similar incidents in the future. Investigations are ongoing to determine the exact cause of the fire and to hold accountable those responsible for the tragic event.


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