Nintendo Switch 2 Leaks Reveal Major RAM Upgrades and New Features

Latest leaks suggest that Nintendo Switch 2 will have major upgrades which include 2x 6GB LPDDR5X modules capable of 7,500MT/s transfer speed, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage. There is also a suggestion that the Nintendo Switch 2 could feature an 8-inch display.

Rumors have been circulating for over a year now, but the latest leaks have only reaffirmed these rumors. Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to be released in March 2025.

New Leaks Reveal Significant Upgrades for Nintendo Switch 2

The latest leaks have been sourced to Android Authority leaks, and it gives us an overview of what the Nintendo Switch 2 will look like. The leaks have also been sourced to Famiboards and the user LiC, who have dug deep into the shipments and customs data between Nintendo, NVIDIA, and other companies.

The leaks hint that the forthcoming Nintendo Switch 2 will feature:

  • 12GB of RAM
  • 2x 6GB LPDDR5X modules capable of 7,500MT/s transfer speed
  • 256GB of UFS 3.1 internal storage

However, on the surface, the upgrades are mighty good, but we will have to seek more information pertaining to the CPU and GPU to know how much better the console will be in terms of gaming power. Leaks suggest that it will be powered by a brute of an eight-core Cortex-A78AE processor. However, the same leak also suggests that the gaming console will feature 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. This is a big damper.

Another important piece of information which has been sourced to CentroLeaks concerns the Switch 2’s controllers. The next-generation gaming console can feature built-in microphones, which could also lead to some interesting gameplay changes.

However, all these are based on rumors, and there has not been any official confirmation or denial. There are also rumors that more details of the gaming console will be available in fall 2024 (September and December). This bit of information came from the Brazilian streamer, tvPH, who went on YouTube to share more about Switch 2.

Leaks also confirm that the next-generation gaming console will have backward compatibility with first-generation Switch games for physical and digital copies. The forthcoming gaming console will feature game remasters and might be the final Switch-centric Direct event. Furthermore, an Indie World Showcase highlighting independent Switch games is reportedly planned for August.

Dissecting these leaks, we can compare the power of the Nintendo Switch to the PS4 Pro and Xbox Series S in docked mode (before DLSS). The Nintendo Switch is now packed with RAM and storage specifications under its hood. However, we have to wait for the official confirmation from the gaming console manufacturing company.

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