Nitish Rajput Biography (2023): Age, Education, Business, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Youtube Income, and More

Nitish Rajput is a popular Social Media Influencer and a great YouTuber. He started his career by making informative and motivational videos on Tiktok, which help him in gaining a lot of fame. Currently, Nitish Rajput is more popular on YouTube after Tiktok was banned in India. Nitin gained immense popularity and recognition because of the content he prepared Which focused on TikTok Vs YouTube. Some of his other viral videos include content on the education system of India.

Nitish Rajput Biography: Family

Nitish Rajput had a very simple childhood. His hobbies wear watching television, especially cricket matches. Nitesh was a bibliophile since the beginning. Nitish was born in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh in 1989, on 4 October. The whole household expenses were managed by his father, who ran an ISP FIRM.

However, his mother is a housewife. Nitish also has a sister who has finished graduating, named Shalini Rajput. Nitish Kumar Rajput was not an extraordinary child, however, he didn’t possess the zeal to do anything great in life. His family wanted him to become a doctor. However, Nitish had an interest in engineering. Therefore he chose to engineer and moved forward in his life.

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Nitish Rajput Age (as per 2023)

Nitish Kumar Rajput was born on 4 October 1989. Therefore, at the time of writing this article, Nitish Kumar Rajput is 33 years old.

Nitish Rajput Education

Nitish Rajput Biography

Since childhood Nitish had a deep interest in reading books. He has done his early schooling at Jasas Public School, Rudrapur. Nitish Rajput had two options infant of him after leaving school, either to become a doctor or an engineer. His family wanted him to pursue MBBS, however, it was his choice to go for engineering. Later he got a degree in Bachelor of Technology from Gautam Budh University Rudrapur in the Field of Study Information Technology. He also passed engineering from Diston.


Currently, Nitish Kumar Rajput runs his own YouTube channel and provides informative videos on national and international topics to his subscribers. However, after his engineering, he got a job at Trikona Pvt Ltd as Network Analyst. He also worked as Technical Resource Analyst, Assistant Manager, and Resource Manager. Presently, he runs his company, being the business head of United Software Group Inc.

Nitish Rajput Girlfriend

Nitish Kumar Rajput is currently single. However, it is noted that either he doesn’t have a girlfriend or he has not yet disclosed the identity of his girlfriend, to protect his private life.

Nitish Rajput’s Net Worth and YouTube Income (2023)

Being a social media influencer, content creator, and YouTuber, Nitish Rajput earns hefty earnings every month. It has been reported that his monthly income is about ₹4 Lacs. However, sometimes his monthly salary even rises to ₹5 to 8 lakhs/month. Thus, his estimated net worth is approximately ₹60 Lacs.

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