10 Stunning No-Makeup Photos of Tripti Dimri That Will Leave You in Awe

Tripti Dimri was born on 23 February 1994. She was featured in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 list of 2021. She gained traction when she started doing films like “Laila Majnu,” “Bulbul,” and more. However, with the film “Animal,” she started being a fan favorite. Tripti Dimri has always been very subtle when it comes to her makeup and outfits. She has kept it sleek.

Below, we have mentioned 10 no-makeup images of Tripti Dimri for you to check out.

10 Tripti Dimri No-Makeup Images:

1. Stunning Black

Here, Tripti is wearing a black sleeveless top. She has no makeup on and she looks pretty.

Triptii Dimri No-Makeup Images
Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram

2. Floral

Tripti is wearing a very simple printed floral dress here. Her face remains without any makeup.

Triptii Dimri No-Makeup Images
Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram

3. Sleek and Pretty

This picture is taken as a selfie. It’s a sunlit picture. Tripti has her face without makeup.

Triptii Dimri No-Makeup Pictures
Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram

4. Golden Hour

In this picture, Tripti is wearing a black tunic top. Tripti doesn’t have any makeup on.

Triptii Dimri No-Makeup Images
Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram

5. Camisole

In this picture, Tripti is wearing a white camisole. Tripti left her face without makeup and looks stunning.

Triptii Dimri Without Makeup
Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram


6. Sundress

Tripti is wearing a beautiful sundress here. Her hair is open and she left her face without makeup.

Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram

7. Lemon Dress

A lemon dress and her open hair are all to ace her look. Tripti has her face flushed and she looks beautiful.

Triptii Dimri No-Makeup Images
Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram

8. Simple Interview

This picture is from the Brut interview. Tripti looks simple and very sleek here without makeup.

Triptii Dimri Movies
Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram

9. Airport Look

Airport looks are the best way to find one awesome! Tripti has her face without makeup and she is stunning.

Triptii Dimri Airport Look
Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram

10. Bold and Beautiful

This is a little bold of Tripti. She is wearing a shirt without buttoning it up. Her face is without makeup as well.

Triptii Dimri Hot
Image Credit: @tripti_dimri/Instagram

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