Noh Young-Guk Cause of Death, What Happened To The South Korean Actor? How Did He Die?

Noh Young-Guk was a recognized and renowned South Korean actor. He made his debut in the year 1974. Noh Young Gook could be spotted in various films and movies including dramas like ‘Bravo My Life’, ‘The Great King’, ‘Sejong’, and ‘Taejong of Joseon’.

Moreover, it is saddening to announce that, Noh Young Gook passed away suddenly on 18 September 2023, Monday.

What Happened To Noh Young-Guk?

The South Korean Actor who made his debut in 1974 breathed his last on the morning of 18 September 2023, Monday. When he lost his life, he was just 75 years old. Fans and followers were in great despair and concussion who saw his healthy face in a weekend drama.

“Hyoshim, Every Life,” the KBS2 weekend drama was the South Korean actor’s posthumous work. He said, “We have delivered heartbreaking news. Noh Young-guk, who was appearing on ‘Hyoshim, Every Life,’ passed away suddenly in the early morning of the same day due to a heart attack., Following the wishes of the bereaved family, who are in great sorrow over the sudden news, the funeral will be held quietly with family friends and colleagues seniors, and juniors in attendance.”

Noh Young-Guk Cause of Death, What Happened To The South Korean Actor? How Did He Die?

In the series, Noh Young-guy played the role of the husband of Bang Sook-Hyang, Kang Jin-beam. In ‘Hyoshim’s Life, Each Life,’ he was the chairman of Taesan Group. The drama aired for the first time on the 17th. Both his viewers and colleagues are currently devastated by the sudden passing of the talented South Korean Actor. Currently, the tributes are overflowing.

How Did Noh Young-Guk Die? Cause of Death

Noh Young-Guk breathed his last on Monday, 18 September 2023. The exact cause of his death has been revealed as a heart attack. Thus he breathed his last at the age of 75. His fans and followers are devastated by his passing.

Who was Noh Young-Guk?

Noh Young-guy was born in 1948. In 1975, at the 7th MBC open recruitment, he debuted as a talent. He appeared in various dramas such as Taejong Lee Bang-won, Jang Hee-bin, Eyes of Dawn, I’m Caught in Love with a Jujube Tree, and Chief of Investigation.

Noh Young-Guk Cause of Death, What Happened To The South Korean Actor? How Did He Die?

Noh Young-Guk was an all-rounder entertainer who also worked as a singer. In 1988, he tied the knot with actress Seo Gap-sook. The duo got divorced. However, Noh Young-Guk remarried in 2006.

The funeral activities are scheduled for the 20th and are going on of the deceased at the hall of Hanyang University Hospital.

Wiki Biodata

NameNoh Young-Guk
Birth Year1948
Debut Year1975
Obituary18 September 2023
NationalitySouth Korean

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