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Noida airport runway may be ready this year

Noida’s international airport’s 4km runway will be completed by this year’s end, as stated by the officials at YIAP. The Zurich AG subsidiary has undertaken the project. 

By end of this year, the air traffic control (ATC) tower and construction of the terminal building along with another structural aspect of the project will also be completed. As of now, the work on the ground floor is going on. “Once these are ready, the facilities will be handed over to the Airports Authority of India, which will install radars and other equipment,” stated by Christoph Schnellmann, the YIAPL CEO. The trials for flights will start by next year adding the commercial operation will likely initiate by the end of next year i.e 2024. “Initially, there will only be domestic flight services from the airport.” he further added. 

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As for Schnellmann, the work on the project was initiated after the contract of engineering, construction work was procured by the Tata Project last year. The concerned authority stated the work on the runway will be done by keeping the northern side of the airport compound plan. Quite similar to a regular road, the ground of the runway will be levelled with a few layers of soil. As per sources, 6 soil layers will be made through road rollers. Then the work on the ‘pavement layer’ will start. Then lighting and the upper crust will be done. 

“The excavation, earthwork and levelling of the ground are over. The foundation for the terminal building has been laid too and its ground floor is being constructed. About 32,000 cubic metres of concrete and 14,000 tonnes of steel have already been used in the construction,” said Dinesh Singh Jamwal, the head of project delivery.

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