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Noida Airport signs agreement with Amadeus for high-tech check-in, boarding and baggage reconciliation facilities

Noida International Airport (NIA) has currently just finalised the last rounds of arrangements before opening it for the general public. Yesterday, the management released a statement where they stated that the authority has signed an agreement with Amadeus, a technology firm to offer passenger processing systems (PPS) such as baggage reconciliation, check-in, DigiYatra-enabled biometric capabilities and boarding in the international airport. 

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As per the agreement between the two parties- Amadeus will be responsible for supplying, designing, operating, commissioning as well as maintaining the cloud-hosted end-to-end PPS at the airport. Plus, they will be hosting many modern and smart facilities including biometric-based DigiYatra integration on the passenger touch point enabling smooth passenger experiences.- according to the official statement.

Self-service PPS touch points such as automated bag drops, check-in kiosks and eGates will be fully functional as well as communicate with airline departure control systems in a short span of time along with other stakeholders that will facilitate a tension-free experience for the travellers. 

“We are pleased to partner with Amadeus for the passenger processing system at Noida International Airport. Amadeus is a leading global travel technology company, and its rich experience and stable suite of digital solutions will support NIA in delivering world-class services,” Noida International Airport CEO Christoph Schnellmann said.

“This is a significant step forward in our endeavour of facilitating fast, safe and convenient journeys for travellers,” further added Schnellmann.

Sarah Samuel, senior vice-president, Airport and Airline Operations in Asia-Pacific for Amadeus, said the two partners are working to co-create the “digital passenger experience of the future”.

“We look forward to supporting an end-to-end airport journey based on innovative cloud, self-service and biometric technology that delivers a smooth and relaxed airport experience,” Samuel said.

“This partnership is an important milestone for Amadeus in the Indian market and beyond, showcasing the strength of our technology in supporting airports’ growth from the ground up,” she added.

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