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Noida authority board meeting approves safety guidelines for high-rises

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Last week, the Noida authority conducted its 207th board meeting involving a discussion about safety measures in residential areas. The officials have approved safety measures involving residential areas along with new rules required for pet registration. Officials will also look into the proposed layout of the sports city. The meeting was conducted at the administrative building of the authority situated at Sector 6.

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Arvind Kumar, The Uttar Pradesh infrastructure and industrial development department commissioner and chairman of the Noida authority was also present at the board meeting. It was attended by Ritu Maheshwari, chief executive officer (CEO) along with the rest of the concerned officials. 

Talking about safety guidelines, officials while finalising the safety measure said that before getting the occupancy certificate for the final building, it has to be examined by the expert agency regarding the structure along with fixing the onus of stakeholders for the safety of the building. The owners have asked for its structural audit guidelines for old ones regarding their health and safety concerns. 

“If more than 25% of allottees demand a safety audit, an expert agency will be roped in for the purpose. If the building is less than five years old, then the builder will bear the cost of the audit and repair. If the building is more than five years old, then the apartment owners’ association will bear the structural audit and repair cost”, said CEO Maheshwari.

Officials have also made it mandatory for those who own a pet to get them registered by the end of January 31, 2023. If anyone who is failed to do so will have to pay a fine of ₹10,000. If any pet is found to be violating the sanitation issues then the owners will be liable for a penalty too. 

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