Noida International University partners with Blue Planet to run environmental studies programmes

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Blue Planet Environmental Solutions and Noida International University to launch “Blue Nudge Environmental Studies: Community Engagement and Behaviour Change Program”. 

The official statement reads- The programme is added to introduce students to the interdependency between community engagement, behavioural change, and building greener economies. 

Noida International University Statement – ‘Partnership Aims to expose students to societal and behavioural interventions’

Additionally, it aims to expose students to societal and behavioural interventions while instilling in them the essential values of service and empathy. This exposure will transform the state’s youth and prepare them to be the torchbearers of sustainable living

It also mentions that the programme will be compulsory for all the students in the university regardless of the degree or stream of study they have taken. “Approximately 4,000 students are expected to participate in the programme,” it said.

The statements released also state that the agreement was signed by Uma Bhardwaj, vice chancellor, of Noida International University, and Harsh Mehrotra, chief executive officer, along with the teams of Blue Planet and Noida International University present.

“We look forward to our collaboration with Noida International University to empower the coming generation with professional & environmental skills,” Bhardwaj said.  He further stated that skill development and hands-on experience will help the students to be more skilled for competition. 

The programme is designed with a 2 credit course containing 30 hours i.e divided into two parts- one of 10 hours of online learning covered through eight modules and the rest 20 hours containing assignments and fieldwork. 

The fieldwork will include collecting plastic, paper, and cloth-based waste from the places and keeping it clean and tidy. 

“This waste will then be collected by Blue Planet to be upcycled into useful products to promote a circular economy. The plastic waste will be upcycled into school benches, while the paper waste will be upcycled into fresh notebooks, and the cloth-based waste will be upcycled into school uniforms,” the statement read.

Priyadarshi Shastri

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