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Nora Fatehi wanted me to buy her a house in Morocco for her family: Sukesh Chandrashekhar hits with a new claim

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Canadian-born successful actor and dancer, Nora Fatehi has been hit with a new claim in the latest money laundering case. Alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar stated that Nora Fatehi wanted him to buy a luxurious house as well as a lifestyle for her family if he wants her to be his girlfriend. 

Sukesh Chandrashekhar claims he paid Nora Fatehi to buy a house in Morocco for her family

Sukesh Chandrashekhar said he even paid Nora Fatehi to buy a house in Morocco. The new claims are coming out in regard to the ₹215 crore exhortation case against Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

In a recent development, Sukesh said, “Today she (Nora) talks about me promising her a house, but she already has taken a large amount from me to purchase a house for her family in Casablanca, Morocco, all these new stories are crafted by her to escape law after ED statement 9 months ago given by her.”

In the meantime, Nora Fatehi stated to the court that it was Sukesh Chandrashekhar who promised her a big house and a luxurious lifestyle if she agrees to be his girlfriend. She also mentioned that Sukesh had asked her undue favour from her via his close friend Pinky Irani.

While reacting to these claims, sukesh said- “Nora claims that she did not want a car, or she did not take it for herself is a very big lie, as she was after my life that her car had to be changed, as the ‘CLA’ that she had looked very cheap, so then me and her selected car I gave her, and the chats and screenshots are very well with the ED, so there is no lie at all, in fact I wanted to give her Range rover, but as the car was not available in stock she wanted in urgent, I gave her the BMW S series, which she kept using for a long time, as she was a non-Indian, she asked me to register it on the name of her best friend’s husband Bobby’s name. Nora Fatehi and I never had a professional transaction, as she is claiming except for once that she attended an event hosted by my concerned foundation, for which official payment was made to her agency.”

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